Fiction Packages

Each one of us has a remarkable story to tell. As a work of fiction, whether it be a novel, short story, fairy tale or more, a book will ensure that your story lives on. Our fiction publishing packages are designed to help you turn your manuscript into a published book.


A published book is the most compelling way to get your story out there. With the Create package, we'll help you create and publish a professionally designed book that's available for sale through online retailers around the globe.


Stand out from the rest with the Elite Book Cover Design included in the Dream package that will grab the attention of readers. In addition, with U.S. Copyright Registration and a Library of Congress Control Number, you’ll know your book is legally protected.


The Elite Interior Design and Layout included in the Imagine package pushes your book to a higher level of quality. With a sleek hard cover, your book will look as arresting on the outside as it does on the inside. Plus, Booksellers Return allows you to approach brick-and-mortar retailers with confidence knowing your book is returnable – a must for most retailers.


Reach your target audience and inspire more readers by marketing your book successfully with our Energize package. Along with high-end marketing services, such as a banner ad on the Reader's Digest website.


Want to maximize your book's impact in the market? A Premium Book Video, just one of the many premium services included in the Captivate package, will help you reach your potential fans in a powerful way.