Editorial Services

With our Editorial Services, you'll get an outside perspective on your book from one of our skilled editors. We can provide exactly what your book needs based on the level of professional attention you want.

Core Editorial

Increase the professionalism and impact of your book by eliminating spelling and grammatical errors. The LifeRich Publishing Core Editorial services provide your book a thorough review of the basics, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. When your manuscript is returned, you can expect clean, professionally edited text that is all set to be read and enjoyed by your audience.

Advanced Editorial

When you want to give your book more development and attention than what some of the standard Core Editorial services provide, call in our Advanced Editorial service team. These services are provided by our experienced editorial team who will take a deeper look into your manuscript and offer assistance with content, including style, structure, plot and pace. Whether your book is fiction or nonfiction, these services can help your book make an impact and ensure that readers will understand the message you are trying to communicate.