Video Services

Adding a video service to your marketing strategy is a unique way to invite readers deeper into your book, connect with readers, and encourage sharing. Choose an Author Video Interview for more personal insights or a Book Video to share more about the book itself.

Bookblast Video Marketing - Stand-alone (30 days)

Go the extra mile with your marketing campaign, and place your video as an ad on YouTube.

Bookblast Video Marketing - Standard

Catch the attention of the engaged and influential YouTube audience with your book video and your YouTube advertising campaign.

Bookblast Video Marketing - Premium

Strengthen your book’s presence in the marketplace, and boost its selling potential, by showcasing it on YouTube.

15-sec Video Marketing

Advertise your book in a widely-used platform. Get it in front of a huge and engaged audience with uninterrupted short ads on YouTube.

Video Book Talk

Join the streaming revolution, and reach new readers on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and YouTube with Video Book Talk. 

Standard Book Video

Watch your words come to life, and take your potential readers on a visual journey through your story with a Standard Book Video.

Premium Book Video

Similar to a movie trailer advertising a film, this creative book preview grabs the attention of readers and builds your book’s awareness.