Pre-Publishing Services

By helping you with scanning, file merging, data entry and more, LifeRich Publishing takes the hassle out of preparing your manuscript for the publishing process.

Data Entry - Standard

Our experts can turn the hard copy of your manuscript into a workable digital file, which is required when publishing with LifeRich Publishing.

Data Entry - Spanish

We can still use our data entry services to turn your Spanish-language manuscript into a workable electronic file.

Data Entry - Difficult

Our staff can turn your handwritten, faded, damaged or difficult-to-read manuscript into an electronic file - a requirement when publishing with LifeRich Publishing.

Large Image Scanning

If you have large images or artwork that you want included in your book, we can help create small sized scans that can be easily inserted into the page layout.

B&W Image Scanning

With this service, you will be able to include crisp, clean scans of your original black-and-white images or artwork within the pages of your book.

Color Image Scanning

Use this service to use scans of your original full-color images or artwork on the cover of your book.

Manuscript File Conversion

If you need to convert your manuscript from WordPerfect, Word Pad or Microsoft Works format into a Word Document format (the required software when publishing with LifeRich Publishing), we can help.

Manuscript Preparation

We often receive manuscripts that require formatting corrections before we can start the editorial and production processes, but we can help you easily and quickly fix those.

File Merging

We can combine multiple files of your manuscript into one full file, which is a requirement when publishing with LifeRich Publishing.

Image Extraction

If you submit your manuscript to us with images already embedded, we will need to pull the files from the manuscript before starting production.

Image Manipulation - Simple

We can crop images for your book’s interior that need just a simple edit.

Image Manipulation - Color

We can update pictures for your book’s interior that need a color adjustment.

Image Manipulation - Complex Cropping

For pictures that need a bit more work, we can crop images that you want to include in your book.