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Welcome to Writer Bites, a free video series that will put you on the fast track to holding your printed book in your hands. You'll learn about publishing your book at your pace, on your schedule, in a lesson-by-lesson training style. Along the way, you'll hear from industry professionals affiliated with Reader's Digest about getting started on your publishing path, planning your story, writing your first draft, and editing your manuscript.

1. Getting Started

Learn about the four paths to publishing available to every author and six tips on how to get published.

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2. Planning

Brainstorm productively, and in the process, find your writing voice and hold yourself accountable to a writing deadline.

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3. Writing

Dive into drafting your book and find tips on pacing your story, creating interesting characters, and writing realistic dialogue.

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4. Editing

Discover how to overcome the common writing mistakes and roadblocks that all writers face.

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