LifeRich Publishing Services

LifeRich Publishing understands what it takes to properly prepare a manuscript for publication and our highly-trained specialists will share that knowledge with you as we work together to create a high-quality book that fulfills your unique vision for your work. Browse our wide range of publishing services, and select the options that meet the needs of your book and your goals as an author.

Author Support

You will receive quality author support from an expert at each stage of the publishing process. We have developed different levels of service depending on the level of assistance you need.

Editorial Services

With our Editorial Services, you'll get an outside perspective on your book from one of our skilled editors. We can provide exactly what your book needs based on the level of professional attention you want.


LifeRich Publishing uses the best in digital and print-on-demand technology to make your book available in a variety of formats including hardcover, paperback, e-book and more.

Design Services

Our artists and design experts will work with you to create beautiful illustrations, organized page layouts and a compelling cover design that shows readers what your book is all about.


Depending on complexity and structure, some books require a little more work than others to get ready for the production processes involved in reaching publication. If you need help with tweaking, arranging or indexing your manuscript, these production services are here for you.

Marketing Services

A successful marketing plan is crucial to your success as an author. We’re here to help you figure out the best marketing strategy for your book, using traditional and new marketing approaches.

Bookselling Services

Even as more books are sold online, bookstores remain important places where readers gather and discover new books. With our bookselling services and promotional materials, you can confidently approach a bookstore and try to secure shelf space for your title.