Interior Page Layout

Using guidelines from Reader's Digest, LifeRich Publishing page design specialists will work to ensure your book’s interior layout is well organized, visually pleasing and consistent with the highest standards.

Standard Interior Design

Following guidelines provided by design experts at Reader's Digest and tailored to your desired reading audience, the interior pages of your book will include custom chapter titles, headings, page numbers and other elements to make your book easier for readers to enjoy.

Elite Interior Design

Included in select publishing packages, our Elite Interior Design service offers an extra level of attention in creating your book’s interior page layout and design.

Additional Table of Contents (2 or More)

Depending on the length and complexity of your book, you might need more than one table of contents to best convey to readers how to find the information they’re looking for in your text.

Table Creation

To help you communicate technical or statistical data to your readers, our designers can create and format a professional table to insert into your manuscript where needed.

Footnote Formatting

Adding footnotes to your manuscript can be very useful — both to the flow of your text and to curious readers seeking detailed information.

Endnotes (End of Chapter)

Adding chapter endnotes is an effective way to properly cite your work; they are used to cite, reference or expand upon items in the main body of your book’s text.

Custom Headers

This design service allows you the flexibility to customize your manuscript’s headers during the submission process.

Image Insertion B&W

Photos, tables, charts and other visuals can play an important role in how readers experience your book and how your message is conveyed. Use our image insertion service to make sure your graphics appear as intended.

Image Insertion Color

With this service, you can add full-color photographs, tables, charts, diagrams or any other graphic to your book’s interior pages.

Interior Revisions (Block of 25)

If you need to make additional proofreading corrections after your initial 50 free corrections, this Interior Revisions service is for you.