Color Packages

With our wide array of color packages, you can definitely bring your story to life! Plus, we can also digitize your book as an e-book so your readers can access it anywhere and anytime.


Enthrall readers with your own prose, and images of your choice through our Seed package. This bundle has everything you need to see your story in full-color—from production to distribution!


With the Sprout package, you'll be prepared to approach retail bookstores about your work. Your book will be included in the Booksellers Return Program. Plus, it will be available not only in softcover and e-book format, but in classic hardcover as well.


Make your dream of publishing a full-color book a reality through the Grow publishing package. It will come alive with vivid pictures and six custom illustrations created by our in-house artists. Plus, you'll be supplied with a set of Bookselling Promotional Materials – 100 each of business cards, postcards and bookmarks – to help you market your book.


Our Bloom publishing package bursts with exciting opportunities for your book. In addition, our skilled illustrators will create 12 custom works of art to enhance your book. With 300 Bookselling Promotional Materials and a Reader’s Digest Banner Ad package, your marketing plan will be in full swing.