Online Marketing

When you consider how many people use the Internet every day to browse and shop for books, the importance of developing a solid online presence for your title becomes clear. LifeRich Publishing can help you build the pieces you need to establish an online author platform.

Kirkus Online Marketing

Kick-start your book marketing campaign by promoting your book ad on the website of one of the publishing industry’s trusted pillars, Kirkus Reviews.

Kirkus Giveaway

Kirkus Multimedia

Author Website Setup – Standard

An author website is a great tool for creating an online presence and sharing important information about your book(s). Our Standard package gives you a custom site, your own domain name, a year of hosting and your own email account.

Author Website Setup – Deluxe

Improve your site with more pages, richer graphics and design.

Author Website Setup – Premier

A website can be the hub of your marketing platform, and with added features such as a blog, guest book and a variety of design options, you can create a more engaging website for your book.

Online Booksellers Advertising

Advertise your book through LifeRich Publishing with two of the biggest online booksellers: Amazon and Ingram.

Taste of Home Banner Ads

With more than 2.6 million monthly unique visitors from the US and Canada, the Taste of Home website is one of the top 10 trafficked food sites.

Taste of Home Banner Ad – 25,000 Impressions

Taste of Home Banner Ad – 55,000 Impressions

Taste of Home Banner Ad – 125,000 Impressions

Reader's Digest Banner Ads

Bringing in more than three million unique visitors a month, is the number one website in average time spent for women who are between the ages of 24 through 54 years old.

Reader's Digest Banner Ad – 25,000 Impressions

Reader's Digest Banner Ad – 55,000 Impressions

Reader's Digest Banner Ad – 125,000 Impressions

Online Book Ads via Google

Launch your book's promotional campaign on one of the largest display networks on the Internet — the Google Display Network. Learn about promoting your title through Online Book Ads via Google and get your book ad on the screens of millions of readers online.

Online Book Ads via Google – Standalone (30 days)

Online Book Ads via Google – Standalone (60 days)

Online Book Ads via Google – Standalone (90 days)

Online Book Ads via Google – Supreme

Social Media Advertising

From the vast reach of its audience to the number of tools it offers, there’s a lot of marketing potential in the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Start your advertising campaign and get your book in front of readers with these packages:

Social Media Advertising Basic

Social Media Advertising Essential

Social Media Advertising Advanced

Ebook Promotion

Make your Kindle book more attractive to potential readers by offering it at a lower price for a limited time. Plus, maximize your campaign with ad placements on up to three popular online platforms.

E-book Promo Venture – 30 days

E-book Promo Venture – 60 days

E-book Promo Launcher – 30 days