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    What is LifeRich Publishing?

    As an imprint of Reader's Digest, LifeRich Publishing aims to make it easy for all writers, aspiring or established, to share their stories, recipes, advice and more. Our talented team of publishing experts gives writers the support they need to self-publish fiction, cookbooks, nonfiction and children's books.

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    What are the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing?

    Self-publishing allows the author to remain in complete control over the finished product because the author decides what text, images, fonts, editorial changes, etc. are used to produce the book. With self-publishing, the author also retains the rights to his/her manuscript and the finished product; the timeline from start to finish generally can be quicker; the author has control over book prices; and the author has access to additional services that he/she may choose to purchase.

    Typically in traditional publishing, an author's agent will submit a manuscript to a publishing house for publication. If a publishing house likes the manuscript or the portion of the manuscript they see, they will pay the author an advance and license the publishing rights to the manuscript. The publishing house will then control the process of editing, designing, publishing and marketing the work. Once the book is published the author will receive royalties from any books sold, which are initially used to offset their advance.

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    Will I retain the rights to my work when I publish with LifeRich Publishing?

    Yes. The rights to your manuscript are yours throughout our entire publishing process, and you retain them after your book is published. We do not license exclusive publishing rights from you; our non-exclusive contract allows you to continue exploring other publishing avenues while still working with us. And since LifeRich Publishing is providing self-publishing services, you as the author remain in complete control of the finished product because you get to decide what text, images, illustrations, fonts, etc. are used in your book.

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    Why should I choose LifeRich Publishing over other self-publishing services?

    For writers seeking a simple and rewarding path to publication, LifeRich Publishing, an imprint of Reader's Digest, offers the educational resources and marketing connections it takes. Learn more about why you'll love LifeRich.

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    Can I publish my book with LifeRich Publishing and another publisher, too?

    We have non-exclusive agreements with our authors so the rights to your book remain yours. You are welcome to simultaneously publish your manuscript with other publishers who do not require an exclusive license. The only restriction we place is that, while publishing with LifeRich, you cannot use our LifeRich book files to re-print the book (which may contain LifeRich trademarks) with another publisher.

    Similarly, if your book is currently available through another publisher on a non-exclusive basis, LifeRich Publishing would allow you, subject to any restrictions in your contact with another publisher, to publish with LifeRich.

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    Can I publish my book with LifeRich Publishing if I live outside of the United States?

    Yes. Authors all over the globe can publish with us, but we have primarily worked with authors in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. However, because of certain banking institutions, the currency which we can use to pay royalties has some limitations. The specific details are outlined in your author agreement.

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    Can I publish a non-English book with LifeRich Publishing?

    LifeRich Publishing currently publishes books in English and Spanish.

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    How much does it cost to publish with LifeRich Publishing?

    The cost of your entire self-publishing experience depends on which package you choose and if you add any additional services to your package. We offer plenty of combinations that allow you to choose the price range, package and services that best fit your needs. View all of our publishing packages.

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    Can I submit multiple manuscripts to LifeRich Publishing?

    We have no limit on how many manuscripts you can submit and publish using our services. However, keep in mind that you are responsible to pay for a package and services for each manuscript, so cost may be your only restriction.

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    What is an ISBN and who handles it?

    ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This unique 13-digit number serves to identify your book. Most retailers require that a book have an ISBN in order for them to sell it. They use this number to keep track of your book in their systems and to report orders and sales.

    ISBN registration is included in all LifeRich publishing packages. The ISBN will be inserted on the copyright page and on the back cover of the book with the bar code. Booksellers will be able to scan the bar code image and identify your book's ISBN. Visit www.isbn.org for more detailed information about ISBNs.

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    Can I use an ISBN that I previously purchased for my manuscript?

    No. The ISBN is specific to the publisher. If you have an ISBN for your manuscript, it is still valid for the manuscript in an unpublished form or if you decide to publish your work through other means. However, to publish your book with through LifeRich Publishing, it will need a new ISBN.

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    Does LifeRich Publishing edit my book?

    While a number of our publishing packages include an editorial assessment, they do not include other editorial services. However, we at LifeRich believe that editing your book is an important step, especially if you are looking to achieve commercial success. LifeRich Publishing offers a full range of editorial services, available separately, which we encourage our authors to consider based on their specific needs.

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    Will LifeRich Publishing promote my book?

    The LifeRich Publishing online bookstore includes all of the titles published by LifeRich, and is part of your package purchase. Review all our packages to learn about other marketing opportunities included in each package. We offer additional promotional services that may help you meet the marketing goals you have for your book. Visit our Services page to learn more and identify any marketing services you need.

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    Who will be able to purchase my book?

    Once it is published, your book will have a global audience because it will be listed in the LifeRich Publishing online bookstore. Your book will also be distributed through the Ingram Book Network and available to over 25,000 retailers worldwide. Online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com will list your book for sale through their websites. As a LifeRich author, you will also have the opportunity to see your book listed for sale on ReadersDigestStore.com

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    How do author royalties work?

    Royalties are based on the net payments we actually receive from the sale of printed or electronic (e-book) copies of your book, minus any shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes. Since retail and wholesale customers purchase at a discount, the royalty amount you receive depends on what types of customer bought your book, the channel through which they purchased, and any discount they received. For more information on how royalties are calculated, please visit our Pricing & Royalty FAQ.

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    Why does LifeRich Publishing need my Social Security number?

    We require your Social Security number to comply with the government's tax regulations. Since you have the opportunity to earn additional income from book sales, the government requires that you pay taxes on your total earnings. The W-9 form allows you to provide a Taxpayer Identification Number, or TIN. If you are publishing your book under your own name or a pen name, your TIN is your Social Security number. If you are publishing under a business name, or you want your royalty check to be addressed to a business, you can enter your employer identification number instead of your personal Social Security number.

    If you do not supply your taxpayer ID number, we are required to withhold taxes at the rate of 28 percent of total earnings.

    If you supply us with your taxpayer ID at a later date, we cannot return the withheld tax money because we do not retain it — it is passed on to the government by law. You can speak to a tax professional about how to report this at the end of the tax year in order to receive a tax refund for any additional amount that you are due.

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    I do not have a Social Security number because I am not a U.S. Citizen. What now?

    Even if you live outside of the United States, you will still earn a royalty just as our American authors do, but we are required to withhold 30 percent of your royalty earnings for federal taxes. This percentage will be withheld unless you provide us with a properly completed IRS form W-8BEN which must include an IRS issued foreign tax ID. With a properly completed W-8BEN, we will withhold taxes at the treaty rate in effect between your country of residence and the US. Any money that was previously collected can be reclaimed with your taxes at the end of the year, but we cannot repay it. For more information, or to download a W-8BEN, visit www.irs.gov or consult a qualified tax professional.

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    Will LifeRich Publishing send me a 1099 to report additional income from royalty payments?

    If you earned $20.00 or more in royalties within a fiscal year, we will automatically send you a 1099 statement. The 1099 reports your additional income in royalties during the first, second and third quarter of the current year and the fourth quarter of the previous year. It is the form you need to use to report taxes showing additional earning or contractual work. If the total earned is less than $20.00, then the IRS does not require us to prepare a 1099, so we will not send you a 1099 form. (If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will receive a 1042, very similar to the 1099.) If you have further questions regarding reporting taxes, please contact your tax professional.

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    What is print-on-demand (POD) publishing? What are the advantages?

    Print-on-demand publishing, or POD, is a method of book printing that uses digital technology to make it easy and cost-effective to produce books as they are ordered, either one at a time or in large numbers. Instead of a more traditional mode of printing, which only prints a large number at one time, POD is an "as needed" printing system, so there are no wasted books and no need to store them. This also means that the book can be available for an extended period of time, instead of the book being "out of print" after a print run has been depleted.

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    Who is my assigned publishing consultant? How can I find their contact information?

    When you're ready to start working with LifeRich Publishing, you will be assigned a publishing consultant to help guide you through the process of publishing your book. If you would like to order a package and get connected with your publishing consultant, please call us at 844-686-9607. If you have already been assigned your publishing consultant but are unsure of his or her contact information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) please call us at 844-686-9607; we can access your account and provide you with the correct information.

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    What types of books are ineligibile for a Library of Congress Control Number?

    The Library of Congress sets strict guidelines about which books may receive a Library of Congress Control Number.
    The following types of books are ineligible for Library of Congress Control Numbers:

    • Books which do not list a U.S. city as place of publication on the title page or copyright page
    • E-Books (i.e. books published in electronic format)
    • Serials
    • Custom editions
    • Items under 50 pages with the exception of genealogies and children's literature and catalog exhibitions submitted by museums and art galleries
    • Textbooks below the college level
    • Items not intended for wide distribution to libraries
    • Religious instructional materials
    • Expendable educational materials
    • Transitory or consumable materials, such as coloring books, comic books, and cut-out books.
    • Music scores
    • Crossword puzzle books

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    How can I get in touch with LifeRich Publishing if I have questions not answered here?

    Please contact our customer support team by calling 844-686-9607, or visit our contact page to submit your question.

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