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The Harlot's Hero

Third Book in the Saga of The Harlot's Heart

by Brenda Richardson-McGhee



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/1/2023

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 246
ISBN : 9781489747266
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 246
ISBN : 9781489747259

About the Book

Outgoing and flirty, Leslie Jones was boy crazy from the minute she hit puberty. But when she fell for Harold the tall, blonde drummer during summer camp, her heart was hooked. Leslie ignored the warning signs and advice from her lifelong friends, turning her summer romance into a whirlwind of bad choices. With those choices came consequences she would face alone, afraid for her safety and her child. The wide-eyed girl had turned her back on family and God for this man. A man that said he loved her by selling her body, mind, and soul to the highest bidder. Nevertheless, it was God she would call to send her a way of escape. He needed to send her a hero. Rebellious Daniel Armstrong had game with the girls and on the football field. He was handsome, intelligent, and wealthy, well-his family was wealthy. Daniel was doted on by his mother while never good enough for his father. Wanting to get the attention he craved, Daniel got in trouble with the law and sent to a foster home. Momma Mabel’s tough love and Christ-centered home pushed him to do his best, though he still made wrong choices. Then he met his college roomy Harold Gibson who gave him a way to make his own money until one night when he saw the most beautiful girl. She was petite, with long brown hair and eyes full of sadness; Daniel knew it was Harold’s doing. But how could he save her and others like her, and not risk his own life to do it? If only he could be a superhero. Continue the story of The Harlot’s Heart by reading A Harlot’s Hope and now, The Harlot’s Hero. Look for The Harlot’s Healing in the near future. _________________________________________ Since Leslie was a youing girl she was brought up in church and knew God's way of salvation, but all it took was a goodlooking blonde drummer at youth camp to turn her innocence to sin. How would she get out of the choices she had made or the control Harold had over her? Would God even answer her prayers for a hero after all the shameful events she had succumbed to participating in by her own husband? Leslie hadn't seen her family in such a long time; her parents would be so in love with their grandson Jenson, if Leslie was allowed to visit. How could her husband hold their child as blackmail to make Leslie do these unspeakable acts with other men? Not knowing if God would answer a harlot as she was, Leslie asked for a way to escape Harold's grasp along with her son. Then came Daniel.

About the Author

Brenda Richardson-McGhee is a lifelong resident of Central Florida who graduated from Lee University in Tennessee. Since then, Brenda has been teaching school while raising a total of six boys. After her divorce, she returned to college to advance her degree adding an English degree with her masters, and doctorate studies in teacher leadership. She loves drama and music. Her characters in her writings bring a laughter to the reader as they visualize the perdiciments Brenda places them. Her work shows a knowledge of pure love of fiction and the Lord. You will find yourself in a worldwind of emotions as you get caught up in her stories. Bring the tissues; there will be chapters you'll need them.