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Sanctified Marriage: Heavens above "for better or worse"

by Pastor K. Bruce Brown



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/22/2022

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 556
ISBN : 9781489745484
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 556
ISBN : 9781489745477
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 556
ISBN : 9781489745491

About the Book

We cannot relate to a spirit God, a spirit Savior, a spirit Uncle, and a spirit enemy without embracing the spirit world. This book coined the phrase "Earth-life Bias" [ELB] to identify the enemy's work in our daily lives and illustrate how most believers just add our Abba Father as an accessory to this life instead of becoming citizens of Heaven and members of his Family. This book illustrates how pervasive ELB is in every aspect of our lives without criticizing any person, organization or denomination. They all serve our Abba Father’s purpose and all have Romans 10 in their Holy Bibles which shows us how to avoid the fiery pit. The rest of the Scripture is about our relationships. Esoteric knowledge of the Scripture is for scholars, we need to apply it to our lives. After revealing the ELB in our lives, we explain how to escape it by embracing the supernatural divine spirit world and how the “godly control system,” the heart, mind, spirit, soul connection with the Holy Spirit, Jesus and our Abba Father works. With that foundation, we show how build our faith, relationships, and marriages, converting “for better or worse” to sanctified marriage with vows to our Abba Father to do it his way. There is also a section on Daniel which brings our Abba Father into modern times, explains what is taking Jesus so long to get here, and answers a lot of questions about end times. This section is work but it is a giant faith builder, as you will see. But regardless of where we worship, we are individually responsible for own relationship with our Abba Father and this book will help any believer grow their faith and experience the full joy, peace and glory our Abba Father created for us.

About the Author

Our Abba Father let the author know it was time to go to work for him in 2008, there was no missing it. The first assignment was to go into gang territory in Los Angeles and help out which led to his jail/prison ministry. His first reaction was the same as Jonah’s when he was sent to Nineveh, “no way, God. I’m a suit and won’t last a day.” And like Jonah, he was soon on his way to L.A. Every step of the journey since has been led by our Abba Father. Today the author is a biblical counselor and jail/prison pastor specializing in re-entry and family re-unification. He is also Senior Pastor of a small church in Southern California. He had a biblical counseling overview in seminary, recognized it’s power and asked, why do people have to be hurting to hear the Scripture this way? It has been his preaching theme ever since. He has proven that biblical counseling can build character in incarcerated people (and everyone else) which is recognized by the justice system as rehabilitation and rewarded. His work will spread nationwide. Working with the entire family introduces a broad population to the power of biblical counseling which is the greatest faith and relationship builder there is in applying the Scripture to life. Everything comes together with the Scripture in the Sanctified Marriage between believers and Christ and husband and wife.