Lovers of Ruth

Boaz and Mahlon

by Grampa Ed Fraase



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/12/2021

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 106
ISBN : 9781489733245

About the Book

This book is written to show that life was not a lot different during this time that it was written and today. Ruth had two husbands, which a lot of people did not know about. Very little is mentioned about her husbands in the Bible. It really is two love stories in one. First as a young woman in the land of Moasb she marries a Jewish boy by the name of Mahlon. Then she comes to Israel with her mother-in-lae, Naomi after all the men have passed on. Their she meets a man twice her age and marries him. He is Boaz. This is a must read part of the book but only after you read all of the book. That is also the way I taught the Bibled, read and understand the Old Testament before going on to the New Testament. You will be surprised at the ending if you have never read this book of the Bible.

About the Author

This is the authors tenth book he has written. The first seven are designed for teenagers and adults to learn about Jesus, God and the Bible. The eight book is for children eight years and older, a book of fiction on the life of Jesus as a child. The author lived in Woodstock Illinois when he wrote this book. He has now moved to DeWitt Iowa and finished the grammer and spelling in DeWitt, until he was happy with the outcome. The author is 86 yrs young, has three children, six grandchildren and three great grandsons. His wife passed away and went with the Lord in nineteen ninety (1990), one month short of their thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. He also served in the US Air Force from 1952-1956. He has taught the Bible in Sunday school to children, to adults and in small group Bible study in peoploes homes. He started writting when or around seventy years of age. At present he is writting another fictional book around the Nephilims in the Bible.