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    What is an e-book reader and how will it benefit me?

    E-book readers are wireless handheld devices capable of downloading an electronic version of a book and making it available for a customer to read anywhere without a physical copy of the book. Formatting physical books into e-books gives you as the author another avenue to connect with readers and give them your book in the format they want. Companies like Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Apple® have the largest e-book stores in the nation providing readers with access to hundreds of thousands of books. Read more FAQ below to learn more details about each.

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    Where will my e-book be available for purchase?

    LifeRich Publishing works with multiple partners for e-book distribution, and each partner maintains a very dynamic list within its network.  

    While we submit your e-book to many channels, please understand that each distribution partner or retailer reserves the right to choose their list. 

    Currently our e-books are distributed in formats compatible with the following devices and sites*:

    • Amazon Kindle (a wireless reader)
    • Barnes & Noble eReader (an application for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows PC or Mac)
    • The nook (a wireless reader from Barnes & Noble)
    • BooksOnBoard (which is available on the iPhone and iPad via the Stanza application)
    • Google Play Books (customers can buy books through Google Play with their Google accounts)
    • iBooks Store (Apple's online bookstore available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
    • Kobo Books

    *All retailers reserve the right to accept or deny making content available on their e-book stores.

    * To meet submission standards, please review your manuscript thoroughly to ensure spelling accuracy and correct rendering of any diacritical mark such as tilde, caret, acute accent, or the like.

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    Which format does each digital content device accept?

    The required format is ePub files. This is why digital formatting and distribution is now included in all of our publishing packages.

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    Why do you create both ePub and Mobi versions of my e-book?

    Different e-readers use different types of files. Amazon’s Kindle series of e-readers use the Mobi format, while many other readers use the ePub file format. This allows for your book to be distributed to and read on a variety of e-readers and tablets (iPad, Google Nexus, etc.). There is little actual difference between the two versions of your e-book but we offer your e-book in the format the vendor requests it in, per the guidelines from that vendor, to cater to as many e-readers as possible.

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    Do I choose how much my e-book costs?

    LifeRich Publishing sets a default list price for all e-books. You may choose to alter the list price of your e-book; however, some retailers may decide not to carry an e-book based on the list price. Regardless of the price an author sets, retailers may change the actual selling price in their discretion, as is their right. However, you will always receive the royalty to which you are entitled.

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    How much royalty do I earn from e-book sales?

    Your royalty rate for sales of your e-book is 50 percent of digital net.

    Royalties are based on the net payments we actually receive from the sale of printed or electronic (e-book) copies of your book, minus any shipping and handling charges, distribution costs, or sales and use taxes. Since retail and wholesale customers purchase at a discount, the royalty amount you receive depends on what types of customer bought your book, the applicable channel through which they purchased, and any discount they received.

    Here are two examples of common e-book sales transactions.

    The list price for your e-book is $3.99, and your LifeRich Publishing royalty rate is 50 percent.

    Retailer Example:

    A consumer places an order for your e-book through the Amazon Kindle bookstore. Your royalty on this sale is calculated as follows:

    $3.99 (SRP "Suggested Retail Price")
    - $1.20 (30% Amazon Discount)
    = $2.79 (Net after Amazon Discount) 
    x  50% (Royalty Rate) 
    =  $1.40 (Royalty Earned from a retail sale)

    Web Sale Example:

    Another scenario occurs when a consumer comes to the LifeRich Publishing bookstore and purchases your e-book directly. Your royalty on this sale of the same e-book is calculated as follows:

    $3.99 (SRP "Suggested Retail Price")
    x  50% (Royalty Rate)
    = $2.00 (Royalty Earned from a web sale)

    Minimum Threshold for Payments

    If your quarterly determination of royalties in any calendar year exceeds seventy-five ($75) dollars, the payment shall be issued according to the quarterly payment schedule. If the quarterly royalties due are equal to or less than seventy-five ($75) dollars, the quarterly royalty amount will be carried forward and added to the subsequent quarterly royalty amount due. Until cumulative author royalties exceed seventy-five ($75) dollars, each quarterly author royalties will be carried forward and added to the cumulative author royalties. Cumulative author royalties at the end of a calendar year will be issued by February 28.


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    When will the e-book be submitted to the channel?

    When the print edition of the book is made available, we will submit the e-book to our channel partners.

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    How long does it take for e-books to be posted on retail sites?

    The length of time depends on the channel partner, but it takes approximately four weeks after your print book is made available for your e-book to appear on retail websites.

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    Can I request which distributors I want for my e-book?

    No. LifeRich Publishing will distribute your e-book to as many vendors as possible within our network, including any future partnerships that we may develop. It is then at the vendor's discretion whether or not they list the e-book titles we submit to them.

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    Will I be able to see e-book sales in my Author Center?

    Yes, you can see your e-book sales in your monthly report in your Author Center. However, the monthly report only displays sales through the LifeRich Bookstore, not channel (retail) sales. All sales will be reported in your quarterly statement. 

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    How many devices will be allowed to share one file? Can the purchaser make copies?

    Individual retailers place different restrictions on the files they vend to consumers, including DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. You should visit the specific retailer's bookstore for their policies regarding sharing and copying of e-book files.

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    What if my book undergoes post-publication corrections? Will the e-book file be updated as well?

    Yes. All changes and corrections affecting the content of your print book are also implemented on the e-book version. Any non-textual changes are subject to technical limitations and may or may not be reflected in the e-book version.  

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    Can color books be formatted as e-books?

    Yes. Color books can be formatted as e-books. However, a color e-book will only show up in color if the reader's device supports color images. Some readers may not be compatible with color books and will only display the book in black and white. 

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    Does my book format change for a color e-book?

    There is a high possibility of this happening. We will strive to keep as much of the original formatting as possible; however, because of the dynamic nature of the e-reader devices, the formatting and fonts in your printed book may be adjusted in the e-book version. Please note that there will be no changes whatsoever to your e-book's content.

    In order for us to make your color e-book compatible with most e-reading devices and ensure wider distribution, our team of developers will adjust the file format. In some cases, we may separate text from images. These changes enable readers to enjoy your color e-book regardless of the varying e-reader functionalities, ensuring a better reading experience. Nonetheless, everything will be done to retain as much of the original formatting as possible.

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    Digital Readers & Online Retailers

    What is the Amazon Kindle?

    The Amazon Kindle is one of the more popular handheld e-reader devices on the market. The Kindle provides access to more than 420,000 titles from over 100 countries. Kindle users also have access to top magazines and newspapers, as well as audio books. Amazon offers Kindle for PC and Kindle for iPhone apps, allowing readers to read Kindle books even if they don’t have a Kindle device.

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    What is Google Play Books?

    Google's e-book store is part of their digital content store called Google Play Books, which allows the purchase of thousands of titles through any Web-enabled computer, e-reader or mobile phone instead of a dedicated device.

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    What is Kobo Books?

    Kobo is an e-reading service that provides access of your book for consumers from more than 200 countries. Once your book has been digitally formatted, it will be made available for sale on the Kobo website where it can be downloaded to a consumer's digital device. Kobo is also the partner of the American Booksellers Associate (ABA), and ABA's agreement with Kobo enables ABA member retailers to offer e-book of any publisher that does business with Kobo.

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    What is BooksOnBoard?

    BooksOnBoard is one of the largest independent e-book stores. It is also a vendor for most e-book readers. BooksOnBoard currently carries over 280,000 titles from many different publishers. It currently offers e-books in Adobe Digital Editions format and Adobe EPUB format for Adobe Digital Editions software (including Sony Readers), Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Palm/eReader formats.

    BooksOnBoard is partnered with Stanza, the largest e-reading app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch store,available for free.

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    How will I benefit from distribution to Barnes & Noble?

    Having your book added to the Barnes & Noble eBook store gives consumers access to your e-book through various devices and e-readers such as Barnes & Noble's nook. In addition, by downloading the free Barnes & Noble eReader application, consumers can read Barnes & Noble e-books on the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows PC or Mac. 

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    What is the Nook?

    The Nook is Barnes & Noble's digital e-reader, which also allows consumers to purchase and read e-books from Barnes & Noble.

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    What is the Sony Reader?

    The Sony Reader is another handheld device capable of downloading e-books.

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    What is the iBooks Store?

    The Apple iBooks Store is an e-book store created by Apple. Books can be downloaded to an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch via the iBooks Store.

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    Why isn't my book in the iBooks Store?

    It can take up to three months for your book to appear in the iBooks Store. If your book is still not available after that period of time, it is possible that Apple did not accept your content. Reasons that Apple may choose to deny content include typos, poor editing, poor formatting and subject matter.

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