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    What are BookStub™ cards?

    BookStub™ cards are similar to gift cards and contain a promo code that can be used to download a free copy of your e-book. One side of the card displays your e-book's cover design; the other contains the necessary information to find and download one free copy of the e-book. These promotional tools are perfect for marketing your digital book in the real world. Hand them out at book or networking events, sign them at book signings, offer them as contest giveaways, or keep them on hand for everyday promotional opportunities.

    BookStub™ cards are available in our e-book marketing services and are included in most LifeRich publishing packages.

    The BookStub™ Report in your LifeRich Publishing Author Center will help you keep track of the number of copies of your e-book that have been redeemed through BookStub™ cards.

    Watch the video to learn more about how BookStub™ cards can help you promote your e-book:

    A BookStub™ is an e-book marketing product that provides authors with increased access to readers by enabling person-to-person e-book distribution and new opportunities for publicity in the digital marketplace.

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    I have a BookStub™ for a Life Rich Publishing e-book. Where do I redeem it?

    Visit www.liferichpublishing.com/BookStub/ to enter the promo code that appears on the back of your BookStub™ and to redeem your free e-book download. You will be able to select which file format you would like to download — ePub, mobi or PDF. Choose wisely, as you can only download one format with your BookStub™ promo code.

    For more information about redeeming BookStub™ cards, visit our Download a BookStub™ FAQ page.

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    I tried downloading a BookStub™ on my computer and it said it was "locked." How do I unlock it?

    If the BookStub™ file is showing up as "locked," it means that your computer does not have the correct software available on your computer. To download a BookStub™ onto your computer you need to have Adobe Digital Editions. If you do not currently have this software, you can download it for free here.

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    What is the BookStub™ Report?

    We created the BookStub™ Report for authors who have purchased BookStub™ cards (available in our e-book marketing services and included in most publishing packages) as a way to promote their e-books. The link to this report will appear in your LifeRich Publishing Author Center regardless of whether or not you are currently using BookStub™ cards.

    You can run this report at any time to see how many of your BookStub™ cards have been redeemed. For each BookStub™ code redeemed, we'll provide you with information regarding when the e-book was downloaded as well as what format (ePub, mobi or PDF) was selected. Information in the report will become available only once a BookStub™ has been redeemed for an e-book download.

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    Where can I go for more information about BookStub™ cards?

    If you have a specific question that is not addressed in these FAQs or in our services descriptions, please feel free to give us a call at 844-686-9607 .

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