The Alethiology

Truth of Everything
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Alethiology is the study of truth. In approaching this study, author Ashish Bam examines truth itself and seeks to explain the nature of truth. The Alethiology studies actual reality and the substance from which everything that is in existence is made. The text considers the point of origin from which everything emerged, offering thorough explanations and irrefutable proofs. It explores questions about the existence of the universe, life, and God, providing detailed answers. It does not start from what exists but from what could be in existence, relying not on physical observation but on logical possibility. What is seen is made up of what is unseen—that is, all external visible realities come from internal invisible realities. Because everything in existence began from a single point, everything is bound to one eternal truth—the source of all truth and the subject of study here. This philosophical study presents an initial exploration of the existential truth of our reality and seeks to address questions about the nature of truth and existence.

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