Why Me Again, Lord?

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All of the real life experiences are true, and many were very dangerous. The style of writing is serious and humorous and will have the reader both laughing and sometimes crying in the same paragraph, making the book hard to put down once started. The entire family will be found in the book as they were an integral part of the Ministries. "Why me again, Lord?", was born out of the difficult times that come to a servant of God who only wants to serve and keep on keeping on with as little interference as possible, to get done as much as possible in the time frame given for the job. When the Lord decides to step in and test us, it can be very disrupting and confusing to the one who is at the blunt end of the trial and tribulation. Why would God want to cause us to doubt Him or His calling when we are doing our best to get the job done, which in our case was to start and build new churches, training nationals to take over the pastorship of said work, and move on to another area repeating the same? The book relates many trials and tribulations that God does not have to explain or make easy. The harder they are,the faster we can learn to trust Him and keep on keeping on by faith in His word. The greater our faith, the bigger can be the work. Trusting the mighty hand of God and going where no other has gone to reveal Him to the lost world is a tremendous responsibility. He will test us, supplying all we need to follow, producing fruit for His glory, even if we don't understand it all. He is still in charge.

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