Kochu Daveed & his Goliaths

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  • Published: November 2019
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 138
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781489726254
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Kochi is a small coastal town in the southern most State of Kerala in India. Kochu Daveed, our hero, was born there in the 1950s, when India was still coming into grips with its new-found independence and going through the turmoil of becoming the largest democracy in the world. His ancestral family was wealthy, but his father lost everything by his laziness and extravagant lifestyle. Kochu Daveed had to discontinue his school studies and start earning his livelihood to put the bread on the table at least once a day. A personality clash with his father made him leave the house and travel to distant places to find his destiny. He had to face lots of challenges, but armed with his faith in his God, he overcame each one of those Goliaths. He returned home only when he felt that he had attained some sort of respect in his house. His dreams of a peaceful family life after his marriage to Theresa lay shattered when he found out that life had a lot more surprises up its sleeves and it was ready to test him further in his beliefs. These new challenges did shake his trust in his God and humanity but being a fighter all his life he did not lie down and accept his defeat but kept finding the inner strength to overcome the challenges one by one. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” Kochu Daveed embodies the fighting spirit in all of us who would like to become a success in life.

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