Return to Sender

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This book was written to start a conversation of “What if?” What if there is more to life before birth? What if there’s a life waiting to make a beautiful impact for all yet stopped by a decision? What if we gave these lives a chance? What if the people who created this life have pieces missing in them? What if we talked about these wounds we carry around to make us scared of bringing a life into this world? What if? All I ask is no matter what side of the issue of abortion you are on, if you believe in God or not, or if you reading this and have or are about to go through with this type of decision; Please put all those to the side like a coat coming in from the rain and just read. I wrote these stories from my own loss from abortion and not knowing my father. I just had a piece of me missing from these losses and I wrote this to help fill them in. I just pray they will do the same for you.

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