Living Together Peacefully

Leading to the Second Coming of Christ
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Robert Riddell grew up during a time when boys played cops and robbers by creating toy guns by using a clothespin for a trigger that shot elastics made from car inner tubes. As the Great Depression overshadowed his family farm and the lives of everyone around him, Robert learned the value of hard work at an early age. In an interesting retelling of his life, Robert begins by chronicling his early history as he toiled on the farm, attended school, and eventually matured into a young man focused on joining the Royal Canadian Air Force. As he reveals his experiences as he flew B-24s in India during the Second World War, found love, changed his career plans from engineering to dentistry, and eventually married and had children, Robert also discloses his challenges as he navigated through regretable decisions that ultimately propelled him in an unexpected direction. Included are reflections on how his life led him to the beliefs he holds today about religion, government, the human race, and our ever-changing world. Living Together Peacefully shares the story of one man’s journey through life as he shares how his decisions and experiences led him to the beliefs he holds close today.

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