Christ My Healer and Deliverer

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Christ My Healer and Deliverer is the testimony of a woman’s journey from sin to redemption. God restored her, and now she is doing what he desires for her life. “I felt as though I was having a nightmare, but that was impossible. My eyes were wide open. All the things I did were against everything I once stood for. How did I allow myself to get to this place? I loved God and had served him from my youth, but I fell right into the devil’s trap. How could I be so foolish and allow a man to separate me from my God? It was so strange being where I was and not being able to hear from him. God was still there; it was me who had moved. When I finally came to my senses and called on God to help me, he lifted me out of the pit I was in. God cleansed me and got me back on track. I am now headed in the right direction and fulfilling the purpose God has for my life. I can once again walk with my head held high, because he healed me from my shame. I have purposed in my heart to never allow anyone or anything to ever come between me and God.”

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