Natural Fibromyalgia Choices

Find the Cause and Heal the Symptoms
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Natural Fibromyalgia Choices guides you with innovative quizzes and questions to help you understand the cause of your fibromyalgia pain. Pain is a signal that the body is lacking energy in the muscles. This book delivers hope to people with fibromyalgia showing effective ways to be free of this chronic hypersensitivity reaction. Discover how to reduce nervous system stress that is making your muscles cry out in pain. You will gain better health through awareness with these activities: • Recognize physical, emotional, and social stress triggers. • Complete fibromyalgia pain quizzes to discover your cause of pain. • Discover about how emotions, beliefs, and values affect pain intensity. • See how thyroid and adrenal imbalances affect pain. • Understand how toxins and microbes affect organ tissues. • Learn to measure your levels of acidity to balance your metabolism. • Find out how antioxidants and minerals help balance free radicals to reduce pain. • Realize how homeopathic remedies and energy medicine relieve pain. • Read many practical recommendations to improve energy and metabolism. Natural Fibromyalgia Choices incorporates Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching philosophy to understand the root cause of your symptoms, and assists you with techniques to make positive progress to a better life. “Fibromyalgia can be healed, that’s the empowering message of this excellent book. Understanding your body’s healing intelligence, finding the 6 root-causes and healing one organ tissue symptom after the other makes Jane’s approach so powerful.” Johannes R. Fisslinger, Foundation Lifestyle Prescriptions® University

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