Our Hidden Legacy

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I am an elderly black male, who, in my youth, developed a love of reading history; and in that period of time, the late ’30s and the early ’40s, I found it very hard to locate much literature depicting black presence in American history. Later in life, when this information was publicly made more available, I was overwhelmed with shock, and I questioned as to why all this had been hidden all these years. Black people had not only just existed here, they were also necessary for this country to achieve the success that was attained to push this nation ahead in the following years. This book is detailed to prove this assertion. I also go into great detail explaining why this information has been kept hidden. There is only a glimpse of pre-North American contributions mentioned in the book, but there is a detailed explanation of the making of the United States of America, all the way up until the present time, depicting how the black presence was necessary to bring this country to where it is today. It is also necessary for young and elderly, both black and white, who are aspiring, ambitious American citizens to be fully cognizant of this in order to reap the benefits they will need in keeping this nation as the greatest nation on earth. This book proves that diversity is the main bulwark of our nation.

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