So Shall It Forever Be

The Making of Satan
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All the citizens of heaven were excited about the upcoming ceremony. One of their own members, Lucifer, was going to be anointed as chief over them all. Why wouldn’t he be chosen? All others agreed. After all, as a messenger stated, Lucifer was the most glorious being in all of creation—except, of course, for God. But when God began to speak, everything changed. Have you ever asked: where did Satan come from or why is there a devil and evil in the world? What is God doing about it? If these questions intrigue you then read: So Shall It Forever Be. Learning Why makes everything else make sense. In a creative study that reinterprets the great battle between God and Lucifer and imagines the actions of factions supporting each and the resulting fallout in the heavenly kingdom, Chris Pagano offers his unique perspective while attempting to answer common questions about the devil. Who created him? Why is there a constant struggle in our lives between good and evil? And is God actively involved in the world’s affairs and in our lives? Throughout his examination, Pagano helps us understand how to live with these issues, to find peace within a deeper relationship with God, and to ponder the lasting consequences of these storied events. So Shall It Forever Be shares one man’s perspective on the beginning when good and evil first met while encouraging believers to return to the Bible to search for the hidden truths.

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