Sincerely from My Heart

Poems for Contemplation
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In life, one finds obstacles and barriers that hinder the progression of happiness. Occasionally these obstacles cause us to fall or become distracted. Perhaps it was a lost love, or the peacefulness of nature that prompted you to turn to God in prayer. One thing is clear . . . Jesus is always on your side. Through faith we make decisions that have direct bearings on the courses we choose. Within the book “Sincerely from My Heart, Poems for Contemplation” the author reflected upon many examples of how God has used spiritual influence to guide his own life. “Sincerely from My Heart, Poems for Contemplation” is a book that was written over a span of many years. Its author, Walter A. Wheat, has felt the emotions described in this book. Once a soldier, the author has experienced the effects of both life and death in war. As a father, Walter has looked back and evaluated the mistakes and tribulations he has made during parenthood. As a husband, Walter has known potential loss. In reading “Sincerely from My Heart, Poems for Contemplation,” the author hopes the reader will identify with the verbal icons and connotations of a theme that is based upon love and understanding. The emotions tapped in “Sincerely from My Heart, Poems for Contemplation,” are absolutely real. Perhaps, as you read “Sincerely from My Heart, Poems for Contemplation,” some small memory may come back to you. With this memory, you too will have assurance that God is real and He is alive today. Walter A. Wheat, M.A.

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