Personalities or Identity

Which Shapes Your Life?
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Discovering all the aspects of your Personality and the relationship with our inner identity, like covert personality & core personality and how we access each one. Everything starts in the mind, this work explores how the mind works, the frequencies involved in our emotions and how the Paradigm run’s the show and influences our destiny. Considering the two internal forces which are working towards dominating our behavior and according to the circumstances, one will project all special traits of that particular personality and that personality will act as the dominant one, but one will never be doing all of the work. One will be leading and the other counter acting. This book contemplates how people interact according to their dominant personality, how every personality perceives love & connection and which identity has both of these forces balanced. Suggestibility plays a big role in our behavior and each personality has assumptions which differ from one another. One is literal and the other is inferential, both of them communicate the opposite of what they understand. You will discover many surprises about your personality; you will understand why other people behave certain ways and how they make their decisions.

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