The Black Deception

As We Are Many Wonderful Shades of Brown, Why Do We Paint Ourselves with a Black Face?
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Four hundred years ago, when Africans were kidnapped and brought to the New World in shackles and chains, a new chapter of American terrorism began. Who could have dreamed this New World criminal practice would endure for centuries? Who could have imagined it would shape the culture and destiny of so many all the way to the present day? The Black Deception focuses on a group of Americans who are neither natives nor immigrants. J. Lamar Hatchett refers to this group as “descendants of slaves.” His book provides tools to disassemble category boxes that contain “us” and “them.” He also focuses on the history of slaves and their descendants after the Emancipation Proclamation, paying particular attention to how blacks were ready and able to excel despite broken promises of reparations by the government, centuries of torture, and economic disenfranchisement. Hatchett’s startling conclusions will lead you to rethink the very concept of racial categories and shine a new light of understanding on how we view race today.

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