Catlorian III

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Master Lord Banshe’e’s minions have already seized the realm of Dragon’s Teeth and the Kingdom of Shedran, all but strangled the routes that bring supplies to the people of Heartstone, and placed operatives in Catlorian to ensure it is not left untouched. It seems Banshe’e has underestimated the tenacity of those who have placed themselves between his evil mission and those he still wishes to conquer—or has he?


Prince Raven Moshar must now determine how to free the people of Dragon’s Teeth from the dark power that holds them enthralled. As he and a band of valiant men and women join forces to oust Banshe’e’s lieutenant from Dragon’s Teeth, remove the forced embargo from Heartstone, and ensure the innocent are protected, Prince Thom DeLonge and his sister return to Ta’el after twenty years to find that only a few weeks have passed and that they are not in Catlor but Sharlend, a faraway continent where another young prince is trying to decide whether to free the starving people of his father’s realm or remain in seclusion.


In this continuing fantasy tale, three crown princes seeking to stop an evil lord from carrying out his vengeful mission must risk everything to secure freedom for the people of Ta’el.

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