Dove Island Drums

From Powwows to Rock Bands, Drums Boom on Dove Island!
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Gold! The discovery of gold in the rocks on Rainy Lake in 1893 shattered the peace of a remote Ojibwe village in northern Minnesota. Newspapers enthusiastically raved about the gold strike and about the beauty of Rainy Lake, calling it “one of the loveliest of northern lakes.” The Rainy Lake tribes face the challenges of a booming population and a changing culture.


They also face the challenge of changing lake levels when a dam is built to power King Ed’s paper mill. Summer visitors falling in love with the majestic beauty of the unspoiled wilderness begin building fancy houses on land that had been freely accessed by the Ojibwe people.


Authentic newspaper articles chronicle the history of Dove Island and the lives of two young Ojibwe girls trying to survive between two cultures. Maggie Sha Sha, the granddaughter of King Billy, chief of the Black Bay tribe, is outgoing and adventurous. Her friend Little Star is quiet and shy. When one friend marries and moves to Duluth, Minnesota, they keep their friendship alive through letters and newspaper clippings.


The majestic beauty of Rainy Lake, as well as the outdoor activities, continue to attract generations of both summer and winter visitors.

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