The Adventures of Andy and Mandy Bear and Friends

Volume 1
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Andy and Mandy Bear live in the woods with many friends. We will meet these friends, and the new friends Andy and Mandy will make while on their adventure. Andy and Mandy contrast each other. Andy is outgoing and carefree. Mandy is shy and reserved. When it comes to people, Andy and Mandy are unusual. Most bears are scared of people, but Andy and Mandy are more curious than scared. There is a house near the edge of their woods where a family of four live. Andy and Mandy spend a lot of time watching this family. Andy and Mandy had heard the family talking about taking a vacation for ten days, and that vacation was to start today. Our story begins as Andy and Mandy watch the family load up the car and leave on vacation. Andy persuades Mandy to adventure out of the woods and see if they can find a way inside this house. Will they find a way in, and if they do, what will they find inside? Let’s find out together!

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