Creationism and the Book of Revelation

An Outline of the Last Days
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This book, Creationism and the Book of Revelation: An Outline of the Last Days, by Douglas Johanson deserves serious consideration from anyone who is a seeker of truth, both scientific and religious. He has created a book that will challenge and provoke serious thinking about the doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the expanding knowledge from the scientific community. In this fascinating text, those two sources are successfully brought together, and the result is a faith inspiring exploration of the magnificent power of our Eternal Father. This book is a pleasure to read and it is my privilege to recommend it highly.

Daniel W. McAllister, PhD, Associate Professor, Lee Business School,
University of Nevada at Las Vegas

In Creationism and the Book of Revelation: An Outline of the Last Days, Douglas K. Johanson skillfully uses his background in science and his intense study of the scriptures to show how truths about the physical universe and latter-day revelation and other scriptures help one see truths in The Revelation of St John the Divine. In significant and expansive detail, Johanson provides many answers to important questions about the great plan of God.

Richard Dilworth Rust, Professor Emeritus of English,
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"... contains a detailed, chronological outline of the last days.
... helps science and religion come together.
The scriptures would be fulfilled exactly as given.
God loves each and every one of His children ..."

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