Catlorian II

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The first moves in the battle for Ta’el have been made and the Savon’el is once again whole. Now, innocents are being enslaved and powerful artifacts that could be used to devastating effect were being sought by the agents of the evil one. Men and women of strength, valor and conscience must place themselves willingly between the innocents and those agents. These must also remove those same artifacts from the hand of the evil master, Lord Banshe’e.

Morgan DeVilleforte, a skilled mercenary of honor, is one of those adventurers determined to do whatever is necessary to defend the innocent. She and a group of diverse adventurers now chase evil across the face of Catlor to bring justice and vengeance. The great Lord Commander Dekion DeLough embarks on a mission of mercy with Lilith the Sorceress, a rogue daku bent on defending those who cannot defend themselves and bringing about an end to the enmity of her race to all others. She also seeks two powerful artifacts to keep them from the hands of evil. Other brave souls… Mages, clerics, mercenaries and rangers… join them down dangerous paths in order to free, protect and deliver those from forced captivity to the light of the sun of Ta’el.

Catlorian II: Temples continues the exploits of men and women of valor bent on thwarting Lord Banshe’e in his one-minded pursuit of vengeance against an entire world.

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