The Corn Singer

An Epic Story of Crossed Cultures, History, Adventure & Romance
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Bradley Pino was born in 1926 atop the ancient Acoma Pueblo mesa 357 feet above the desert floor. Brad was taught reverence for nature by his grandfather, hunting and fishing by his father, faith by his mission priest, and bravery by history’s face-painted warriors. Brad’s father is a proud full-blooded Acoma Pueblo Indian. His mother, Catherine, is Anglo. Brad’s nemesis calls him a half-breed.

Forced to leave his boyhood home and attend a public high school, an Anglo school, Brad is faced with cultural changes and bullying over the attention of a popular Anglo girl. Unexpected events occur that take Brad and his brother-friend Ashkii Dighin far from home to face life-threatening challenges and a brush with World War II.

When great responsibility is placed in Brad’s hands, he responds by performing the most selfless act of his life.

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