Christianity’s Relevance for Today

A Personal Perspective
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Christianity’s Relevance for Today: A Personal Perspective arises from a pastor’s six decades of scholarship and experience serving congregations and the wider culture. Russell C. Block, drawing upon his study and personal insights, offers readers a guide to digging up the Bible’s hidden treasures. Then he uses the Bible’s witness to God’s desire for people to live together in loving peace as the foundation for encouraging both individual Christians and their churches to embrace God’s mission to join with authentically religious people from all traditions to discover and speak the truth. Christianity’s Relevance for Today shows ways to foster awareness of a common humanity, discard mutual fear and suspicion, and engage in real dialogue that uncovers the barriers that impede shared action to seek peace.

By exploring the author’s journey of faith, the Bible’s riches, the life of the church, and the relations between God’s world and its religions, Christianity’s Relevance for Today presents the personal and corporate, local and global, and traditional and novel elements that come together to show how the Christian faith reveals its essential relevance to modern life.

Christianity’s Relevance for Today: A Personal Perspective encourages ordinary Christians to discover God’s gifts in relationships and to work with people of all faiths to carry out God’s mission to promote reconciliation, justice, and peace.

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