Journey Home To the Light

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Follow this inspirational story of a Being that believed that he was a common man with an uncommon desire to find his hidden truth in these Mysteries of the Spirit. It is told in a humorous way making light of some of the events and experiences he lived through. In confidence of His existence, the Mystery of life begins to unfold the way to a greater understanding. A connection begins to emerge bringing many truths about life on Earth, some startling at first but with determination and his confidence in a higher Source of Truth, this allows him to hold fast to his desire. Guidance presents herself in many ways, in those that are close to him and equally as important, his guidance from within. Sacred Ceremonies become a way to heal and be healed. Guidance once again shows the way with our Earth Mother Mahii revealing how each Soul’s individual participation in this time of healing has a profound effect on the Planet, each contributing to the All and the All contributing to each Soul. In this way, life can become purposeful and more meaningful. Knowingness brings forth an understanding that Unity, and that Mystery that perpetuates this possibility, is not so far away, because in reality this Mystery Spirit is within you…

It’s amazing to read Hashi Alec’s book.

Hashi Alec is sincere and frank as he shares his honestly heartfelt Journey Home to the Light, from a point of all kinds of emotional misunderstandings such as fear, greed, anger etc. to face his own weakness and walk towards the Divine in trust. From reading this book Hashi Alec guides you as you sense his feeling of nervousness, his disturbed feeling, feelings of worry, feeling unsafe, feelings of frustration and even wrathfulness. Hashi Alec leads you to trust in Divine’s love, leading you home to the Light. My eyes filled with tears once I saw him on home to the Light.

It is a valuable book and suggest that you read it if you want to find your way home to the Light.

Wen Shu Teng

Licensed: Specialist TCM Acupuncturist

Graduated: Doctor of TCM

spiritual and physical health life coach

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