Around the Barn

Poems to Think About
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  • Published: March 2019
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 324
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781489721952
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One might say that Around the Barn is a befitting title for a book written by an author who spent his childhood living out in the country. The old barn was his iconic shelter and headquarters for playing hide-and-seek or cowboys and Indians, among the neatly stacked bales of hay. When chores were done, it was “off to the barn.” The old barn was also a perfect place for solitude, as the author found no quieter place to think and write. This thinking and writing process often resulted in his imagination working into overdrive. He shared his ideas with peers who lived around his neighborhood, and it was surprising how they adapted to his sense of imaginary logic. His ability to demonstrate multiple scenarios was quite remarkable. Also, with all the livestock available as an audience, the hayloft served as a perfect stage. Several decades have passed since then, and the old barn is long gone. The author still maintains fond childhood memories. These memories include riding to school, both to and from, on the school bus that picked him up every day; graduating from school; going into military service during the Vietnam years; attending college; and of course, the loves he made as well as the times his heart was broken. Never has the author forgotten the security of that old barn. When he speaks of the old barn, his eyes brighten up and a huge smile comes to his face. He wishes he could bring back those childhood days in order to prepare for his next production. By using poetry as his vehicle, Walter A. Wheat prods his audience into mental remembrance with reflections that were experienced in his own life. God is referred to many times as a point of reference. As a Vietnam veteran, Walter is able to give an insight into the feelings and emotions of those who have experienced the realities of war. Not without a sense of humor, Walter can also offer a suitable explanation about “how and when that big fish got away.” The poetry that was written in Around the Barn serves as an avenue to cushion those terrible times when life does not go your way. God knows that every day is not a good day. It is the author’s wish that the readers of Around the Barn strive to put their guards down and look for the true meaning of forgiveness. Let’s, all together, try concentrating on the nice things in life. Walter A. Wheat, MA

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