by Noah Hawkes



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/6/2019

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781489723314
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781489723307
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781489723291

About the Book

The Avian Empire is locked in an endless war that has claimed the lives of countless Fledge men and women. Their mindless enemy is inexhaustible. There is no option for peace, the monsters can’t be reasoned with and they will never stop. Most in Avian society never get a chance to mature and grow their white feathered wings and take to the skies. Most never get to master communication with their Scala, the semi sentient scales that cover their body. Fledges are raised to serve a purpose of preservation or die in the depths. Ellie, a young Avian Fledge living on the Plymouth Plateau, startles awake from a reoccurring dream—one where she suddenly grows wings and takes to the skies. As an Avian Fledge, Ellie struggles to thrive in her harsh society—one where women are treated like cattle and where the Fledges constantly fear their mysterious rulers, the Mature Avians. Destined to repeat the life of her Mother and countless other fledge women. Ellie will embark on a journey in which she will gain tremendous power and suffer incredible loss. She will battle the balance of what it means to be a monster or a savior. With this unexpected power, she will soar to new heights and change the world. Whether that change is for good or evil, will depend on her belief that the world she has known is worth saving or should be changed forever.

About the Author

Noah Hawkes the 9th of 10 children, was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1982. His father Thomas was a world-renowned surgeon and his mother Ethel was an amazing homemaker. Born into a military family, Noah grew up traveling the world. At a young age, Noah was fascinated with science, culture and how the world worked. His teachers would often say he was lost in a world of his own imagination. By the age of 12, Noah was writing short stories he called, Captains Logs that recounted the daily adventures of a Starship captain lost in space. Noah loves fantasy books and has been inspired by the worlds created by Tolkien, Sanderson, Goodkind, and Card. Noah is always reading a new fantasy series.

In 1997 Noah's life was rocked by the loss of his father and later his older brother. He struggled with his mother and family to move on with their lives and live with tremendous loss and heartbreak. Noah developed a special relationship with his mother, and she continues to be one of his biggest supporters and sources of inspiration for him to this day.

Noah married his beautiful wife and the love of his life in 2003. They have 3 boys, Elijah, Ethan, and Ender. After finishing his MBA in 2012, he started planning his first novel. It wasn't until 2014 when a good friend and fellow author Stephen Thorpe shared his completed manuscript for review, that Noah took on the challenge and began writing Drakin: The Scala Series Book 1. Since then Noah has found a passion for writing and continues planning and writing his stories on a daily basis.