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  • About LifeRich Publishing

    At LifeRich Publishing, an imprint of Reader's Digest, our mission is to give you a wonderful publishing experience with a great reward at the end. Our talented team of publishing experts gives you everything you need, every step of the way.

    Our aim is to make it easy for all writers, aspiring or established, to share their stories, recipes and advice. Our authors benefit from a wealth of editorial, design and marketing experience as well as an abundant library of resources, specially assembled by Reader’s Digest editors for your enrichment and inspiration. With your creativity and our professional guidance, at the end of the process you’ll have a truly LifeRich book.

    • Nonfiction: Capture your history on the page. Commemorate a life or share your memories. Everybody has a story. Now you can share it!
    • Cookbooks: Dish out your family recipes, cooking tips and kitchen tales with a full-color cookbook.
    • Fiction: Whether it’s a novel, short story or fairy tale, eager readers are ready to hear you story.
    • Children’s books: Use your imagination to brighten the lives of kids. Young readers are hungry for engaging, surprising stories and new ideas.


    As a LifeRich author, you’ll also have access to unique marketing and publicity opportunities to help you deliver your message to the huge Reader’s Digest community.

    We encourage you to take the exhilarating self-publishing plunge. Let your life shine with LifeRich.