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Advertising your book on Kirkus Reviews—the authoritative voice in book discovery—is a good way to get it in front of readers and booklovers. Reach out to their audience and subscribers through a multichannel campaign with our Kirkus Multimedia service.

Here’s where your book will be advertised:

  • Kirkus Reviews Magazine, a semimonthly magazine that gives industry professionals a sneak peek of published books. It has a circulation of 15,000 and has a readership base that includes librarians, booksellers, and publishing professionals.
  •, the brand's official website, where consumers visit to get book recommendations and search for books to buy. The site garners an average of 2.6 million views in a month.
  • The Kirkus newsletter, an email blast that is regularly sent to a subscriber base made up of both industry buyers and consumers. It has around 65,000 subscribers.

Here's how your book will be advertised on these platforms:

  • Single-slot ad (1 out of 6 slots) in Kirkus Reviews Magazine
    Your book will be advertised on both the print and digital editions of the magazine. The print ad will be in black and white while the digital ad will be in full color.
  • Custom-designed banner ad on
    This 300 x 125 banner ad will be placed on select website pages for two weeks. When clicked, it will link to a campaign landing page where readers can get more information about your book, along with other titles.
  • Banner ad (1 out of 6 slots) in the Kirkus newsletter
    Your book, along with five other titles, will be featured in a 500 x 250 banner. Subscribers who click on it will be directed to the same campaign landing page as above.

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Promoting your book on Kirkus Reviews will help you tap into a readership base of booklovers and industry professionals.