Beauty Restored

A Winter Solstice Chronicle
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Two sisters torn apart by a curse. A prince on a quest to save his realm. Erianna was banished by the Snow Queen at a very young age because of a curse that turned her into a beast every full moon. She must find a way to break the curse by her 21st birthday or she will remain a beast forever. After years of isolation, she finds herself in the abandoned garden of a young girl who looks a lot like the sister she was forced to leave behind. Knowing she will be in grave danger if the Snow Queen discovers she is in her kingdom, Erianna makes her way back into the forest where she has an unexpected encounter with Gabriel, a dashing prince from the spring realm. Gabriel has been sent to the winter realm to discover why his realm is losing its power. He encounters the mysterious woman, Erianna, on his quest to find answers, and through an unfortunate understanding, ends up with a poisonous arrow in his arm. Both Erianna and Gabriel have only until the winter solstice moon rises to break the curse and stop the poison from reaching his heart, or all will be lost. Can Erianna break the curse and find a way to restore her relationship with her sister? Can Gabriel find the answers he needs to restore his realm to its former glory and keep his heart from turning to ice? Follow them on this journey as they discover strength in their afflictions and the powerful faith that will restore even the thorniest of hearts and bring beauty back to the winter realm.

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