The Masquerade

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On the outside, Brielle Joy is a smiling, carefree teenager, but behind her facade she’s slowly drowning in her fight to control a life headed for destruction. She’s struggling so much to forget her painful past that she’s caught in the snares of anorexia and self-harm; Brielle will do anything to control the pain that threatens to escape. But God has a plan. 

In The Masquerade, Brielle shares her true story of a life shattered by sexual abuse and the restorative power of a heavenly Father. In this memoir, she tells how she suffered abuse at the hands of her father and how, with the help of God, she came to a place of freedom from her past.

She describes her experiences because she understands others carry the same secrets in silence. Their painful pasts remain hidden, but not from God. He sees each tear and every hurt. The Masquerade offers a look at Brielle’s journey through the pain into a place of hope. She sends the message that no pain is too great, no darkness too overwhelming for God to reach out and bring you into the light of his love.

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