The G Antichrist

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  • Published: February 2018
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 148
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781489715395
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God’s Handmaiden Petra has received many new revelations from the Heavenly Father. New in the sense that certain teachings are not like the church has portrayed them and preachers have been teaching them.. This knowledge was in the pages of the Bible all the time…but only now, the time of HIS COMING, have they been opened to our understanding as the former and the latter rain is falling. The Bible discloses dual meaning to the “falling away”; new meaning to the “restrainer”; new meaning to “signs and wonders”; new meaning to the “144,000”; new meaning to the “Rapture” and “Second Coming” and what this book is about…the revealing of the name of the person who will embody Satan himself. The Bible teaches that there would come a time before the “catching up of the Bride” that this man of sin would be revealed. This is a must read for everyone who is looking for the Blessed Hope of the soon return of the one true God, Lord, Priest and King of the World…Jesus/Yeshua. As Scripture is opened to your understanding you will see why, only now, is it time for this man to be truthfully named and is not just ‘many people’s speculation’ of who he might be. This author tells how she knows, without a doubt, who he is. If you have watched the HBO television series “The Young Pope”, you will see what Satan’s Prophets predict are in store for this world in the very near future. This author names “The Young Pope” they are teasing the world about and tells how she knows who he is and it is not someone anyone else has ever named. She has a true life testimony and witness of who he is.

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