Author Resources: Writing, Publishing and Marketing Tips


  • 6 Tips on How to Publish
    This presentation features Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of Marketing for Author Solutions. Keith discusses his six tips on how to get your book published.
  • Top-Earning Authors
    This article by Jim Menick discusses the changing world of publishing and how top-earning authors is no longer a "boy's game."
  • Grammar Rules
    Think you know how to talk real good? Test yourself: These grammar rules will surprise even the experts.
  • Writing What You Know
    Watch this video as Reader's Digest editor-at-large, Liz Vaccariello, gives advice on how to live your life better and more simply.
  • How to Turn Your Passion into Your Work
    If you can identify your passion and then convey that passion with passion to readers, you’ll be in a great position to spread your message and touch peoples’ lives.
  • Your Book Title: The Basics
  • The book title is more than a reference tool and shouldn't be overlooked as one of the most important parts of your written work.
  • Dealing with Haters
    The reality of being a writer: Your work isn’t for everyone. There will be people who love you. And then there will be the haters.



  • 3 Stereotypes to Avoid
  • Jen Veldhuyzen discusses stereotypes to avoid and how to use an archetype to build deep characters on a familiar foundation.
  • Creating Dramatic Tension
  • Point of view goes hand in hand with with the idea of showing instead of telling. Here are some tips for creating dramatic tension.


  • Writing Self-Help Books
    We help you successfully help others with these tips on how to create a successful self-help book.
  • Writing to Inspire
    Reader's Digest editor-at-large, Liz Vaccariello, shares the key to writing an inspiring story.



  • Writing Cookbooks
    Reader's Digest editor-at-large, Liz Vaccariello, describes how the LifeRich recipe will help you turn your passion for cooking or your family recipes into a book.