Book Buyers Preview


Give librarians, readers, book buyers and researchers around the world a deeper look into your book beyond just the back cover. The Book Buyers Preview will provide a selection from your first chapter to anyone who searches for your book at an online retailer. This in-depth preview is a great opportunity to convince them to buy your book, read it and tell their friends about it.

How does the Book Buyers Preview help sell your book?

  • A preview of your book will be available on the databases and websites of Ingram Content Group, Baker & Taylor and Barnes & Noble.
  • The preview is available to library patrons if a library chooses to catalog your book.
  • Your book’s preview will be listed on EBSCO, a leader in archived print materials used by libraries and research organizations.

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Allow readers and book buyers to preview a section from the first chapter of your book on various retailers, book distributor databases and research websites. Call 888-238-8637 for more information or to purchase this service.