Author Host Radio (6 Months)


Landing a radio interview adds some punch to any book marketing campaign. But what if you could host your own show, call the shots, interview the guests and pitch your own book? Now your voice, opinions and ideas can be heard when you host your own live radio show each week.

We have teamed up with a leading online radio company to create, produce and market a six-month weekly radio show for you. We will help you promote it through a press release sent to targeted media outlets announcing your new show before its first broadcast.

What You Get:

  • Your own radio show to host for six months.
  • Pre-production, including phone interviews to discuss in detail the focus of your show and topics that will capture the widest audience.
  • A press release sent to media outlets announcing the launch of your show.
  • Support from a team of producers and production staff.
  • A customized Web page with the final design reflecting the graphics and content you want displayed.
  • Rights to the completed shows, so you can post links to shows on your social media sites, personal website, emails and other marketing materials.
  • The freedom and control to book your own guests for interviews.
  • A toll-free number for guest call-ins.
  • Professional production, including promos, intros and outros (making the transition from one spot to the next as smooth as possible) with a music bed of your choice.
  • Six minutes of advertising time during your show each week plus banner space on your customized Web page.

Shows will be available for download through your show’s iTunes channel.

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If you’ve ever dreamed about hosting your own radio show, now is the time to get on board and reach a new audience. Please call us 888-238-8637 for more information or purchase this service online.