Radio Services

LifeRich Publishing can help you put your voice on the airwaves. Amplify your message and reach new audiences with these radio marketing services.

Online Interview 

Record an interview that positions you as an expert on your book’s subject matter, and put your voice on the radio to give yourself a powerful marketing push.

Broadcast Interview 

Harness the power of the airwaves, and give your book 10 minutes of radio broadcast focus with respected and nationally syndicated business radio talk show host Stu Taylor.

Online + Broadcast Interview 

You and your book will be featured on a highly respected and nationally syndicated business radio talk show, hosted by Stu Taylor. Plus, you’ll be interviewed on a weekly online radio show, Indie Book Publishing.

Author Host Radio

We have teamed up with a leading online radio company to create, produce and market a weekly radio show for you. Now your voice, opinions and ideas can be heard by potentially thousands of listeners when you host your own live radio show each week. Choose from the three options below:

3 months | 6 months | 12 months